Main Business


        In March, 2010, China Gongmei Group Ivory Carving Factory was established in Songzhuang, Tongzhou District. Having invited China arts and crafts masters including Li Dingning, Zhang Tonglu, Wang Qingzhen, etc. as consultants and recruited designers and technicians from Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangxi, Hebei, etc. who have skillfully mastered the carving of people, animals, flowers and other artistic patterns, the factory has built a team of professionals of both southern and northern styles of ivory carving. With gradual expansion of scale and building of design capacity, the factory has witnessed significant improvement in carving techniques, enabling it to better inherit and promote traditional ivory carving art.

        China Gongmei Group has increased its share of in-house technologies and developed its own brand, under which independently designed and processed pillar ivory products are launched via its own sales channels on the platform of China Gongmei Treasure House. Ivory products of China Gongmei brand have win favor of consumers for their innovative shape and theme as well as exquisite carving. The premium ivory carvings of China Gongmei Treasure House brand are favorably acknowledged by professionals and customers, winning numerous awards in master exhibitions and arts & crafts expositions and trade fairs.

        With the expanded in-house development and production, the portfolio of in-house branded arts and crafts of China Gongmei Group has been enriched, Apart from ivory carving workshop, the company has now opened up jade carving workshop, purple jade workshop and cloisonné workshop, building up the capacity for in-house development. design and production of various arts and crafts.

        The production of jade carving and purple jade crafts has enriched the portfolio of the company’s in-house branded products. By constantly innovating the production techniques and developing products based on market trend, many categories including decorative objects, jade plaques, objects for playing at hand and handing decorations have won much favor on the market, hence increasing the company’s market share.

        In the 13th China Arts & Crafts Master Work and International Artwork Exposition 2012 “Rushi Rujia Baihua Cup”, agate crafts Ruyi decoration shaped in human body, phoenix-headed bottle, Hindustan-style tea set respectively won gold award, silver award and excellence award.

        Jade carvings lotus flower vessel and the Ascension respectively won gold award and copper award in 2013 Baihua Yuyuan Cup China Jade Carving Award; while rooster vessel and food vessel in jade with taotie (a mythical ferocious animal known as gluttony) pattern respectively won silver award and copper award in 2013 Guoxin Baihua Cup China Arts & Crafts Awards.

        Purple jade product Painted Screen won silver award in 2013 “Guoxin Baihua Cup”ChinaArts & Crafts Awards. 


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