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China Decoration Co., Ltd
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        China Decoration Co., Ltd (originally known as China Decoration (Group) Corporation was approved by National Economy Commission in 1884 and was restructured on May 16, 2003, registered as China Decoration Co., Ltd. with SAIC. As a large-scale and premium decoration and refurbishment company with Class 1 certification in exterior and interior decoration construction and Class A in building decoration design, we are a cross-regional multi-disciplinary leading enterprise in building decoration operating in diversified businesses, among which building decoration is the pillar industry. We have excellent management departments, experts and professional service providers in building construction, architectural structure, decoration and refurbishment, professional exterior and interior design, material supply, wooden door and steel window processing, equipment matching, labor management, etc., and are capable of design, decoration and refurbishment, upgrading project planning and execution of star hotels, resorts, office buildings, opera houses and cinemas, TV stations studios, museums, airport terminals, subways, banks, education institutes, network-based communications, large stadiums and gymnasiums, shopping malls, power plants, army barracks, apartments, villas, gardens and courtyards, embassies and consulates as well as comprehensive public buildings of various kinds.

        China Decoration Co., Ltd. possesses the following qualifications: Grade I qualification for professional contracting of building decoration projects, Class A qualification for building decoration project design, Grade A qualification for professional building fa?ade project, Class B qualification of building fa?ade project design, Grade III qualification for construction contracting, Grade II qualification for general contracting of steel structure project, Grade II qualification for professional contracting of machinery and electrical installation, Grade II qualification for professional contracting of smart building, permit for safe production, while certification for professional contracting of specialized project is under progress. We have obtained certificates of GB /T19001-2000 National Quality Management System Certification, GB/T24001-2004 National Environment Management System Certification and GB/T28001-2001 Vocational Health and Safety Management System Certification, hence implementing an integrated working system of corporate quality, environment and vocational health and safety as well as an effective operation system. We have also been accredited with AAA credit rating and Enterprise of Business Integrity of Beijing. We have been acknowledged as Role Model in Corporate Culture and Ethics by the central authorities for a succession of four years, Role Model in Fire Safety by Beijing Safety and Fire Extinguishing Committee. We have won numerous design awards and rank among the top 20 in China Building and Decoration Industry Top 100 as well as the top 10 in 2010 China Building Decoration Green Design Top 100. We have been acknowledged as Star Enterprise of National Building Project Decoration Awards and have secured our position in Quality and Credibility Role Model Enterprise, Enterprise Credit Rating AAA Grade, 10 Influential Brands of China Decoration Industry Quality Rating AAA Grade, Top 50 Strongest Bidders in China’s Building Decoration and 10 Most Influential Brands in the Decoration Industry in China, 2010 10 Most Influential Interior Architectural Designers in China, etc.

        China Decoration Co., Ltd. is a joint stock company with state-owned shares, legal person shares, foreign investment shares and employee shares. There are 16 functional departments under the headquarters and a non-legal-person design institute has been established under China Decoration Co., Ltd. 9 branch companies directly under the leadership of the headquarters are located in Beijing as well as material procurement and supply center, furniture and wood branch company, fa?ade and door & window branch company, cultural company, processing base and branches and engineering offices in numerous provinces and municipalities.

        Under the leadership of the board of directors and the Party Committee, China Decoration Co., Ltd. educates all employees with the importance of competition abiding by the law, business operations in compliance with the law, dutiful performance of contracts, honesty and integrity, human-oriented, fulfillment of social responsibility and the integration of quality, environment and vocational health and safety system into the entire process of all projects, with “Integrity, Down-to-Earth Attitude, Entrepreneurship and Dedication” as the corporate spirit.

        Along numerous years, the company has been involving all staff in anti business bribery education programs, training seminars on production safety, fire prevention and credibility as well as education and training in professional expertise. These efforts have resulted in constant improvement in project quality, environment and safety management level and stronger influence of the corporate spirit.

        Our executed projects in recent years mainly include:

        Comprehensive office buildings: office building of China Academy of Urban Planning & Design, offices of Bank of China, office building of headquarters of China Construction Bank, offices of China Construction Bank, new business office of e-banking of ICBC, Xidan office building of China Railway Material Co., Ltd., Beijing China Netcom Museum, office building of Beijing Oriental Science & Technology Development Center, stations of Beijing Subway Line 10, Ritan International Square, Jiangsu Huangpu Renewable Resources R7D Center, comprehensive office building of Shandong Airlines Aviation Hotel, PLA Paper Publishing House, Jilin Netcom Plaza, office building of Shandong Mobile Communication Center, Lihuayuan Office Buildings in Taiyuan, Shanxi, Power & Communication Comprehensive Building of Gongyi, Henan, upgrading project of No. 2 Office Building of Landmark Towers Hotel Beijing, Wangjing Reward R7D Center, Beijing TaeTea International Exchange Center on Tea Culture, Yitai (Beijing) Plaza, 1118 Project, GAPP and Chinese Consulate in Vancouver Canada, among other Chinese embassies and consulates overseas.

        Hotels and apartments: Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Seraton Great Wall Hotel Beijing, Beijing Reward International Hotel, Chinalco Crowne Plaza, Heping Hotel, Phase I upgrading project of China Palace Hotel, Baotou Shenhua International Hotel, Liaoning Phoenix Hotel, Yingkou Gangfeng Hotel, Yulong Hotel, Sunworld Hotel, Yangzhou Guesthouse, Henan Yellow River Guesthouse, Gran Meliá Shanghai, Shanxi Haohai Plaza, STX (Dalian) Technology Exchange Center, apartment for commissioner of the Ministry of Finance (Xinzheng Plaza), Youth Apartments of PLA, Beijing Yintai Center, Luxin Changchun Garden, Business Club of Lianyungang Yuntai Hotel. Shanghai Tiandi Restaurant Bund No.6, Chengdu Residence by the River housing development project, dormitory buildings of Xuzhou Bashan Environmentally Friendly Thermal Power Plant Co., Ltd., Building No. 23 Shangdi Jiayuan, Nanjing Tangshan Hot Spring Water Park, Phase I and II of Beijing Jiaming Garden project, Huanghua Port International Seamen’s Club, Fuli City Edinburgh Apartments, Pondview Chinese Style Courtyard Club, new building of No.3 Navy Guesthouse, Hebei Yandu Hotel, Nanjing Yishang Hotspring Water Area, Four Seasons Jiangsu.

        Hospitals: People’s Hospital of Beijing, West Branch of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Shengjing Hospital Attached to China Medical University, Tiantan Hospital, CREC Hospital, People’s Hospital of Daxing District, Beijing, Out-Patient Building of No.2 Hospital of Shenyang Medical University.

        Education institutes: Tsinghua University, National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, library of Capital Normal University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (Chengdu), stadium of Qingdao University, Teaching Building of CFDA Administration Bureau Training Center, Comprehensive Building of Huaneng Training Center.

        Commercial projects: Parkson MetroCity Mall, Beijing Bairong Shopping Mall, Fulllink Plaza, Beijing Chang’an Grand Theatre, Beijing Haidian Book City. Phase I and II of new terminal of Dalian International Airport, Phase I Project of Beijing Airport Logistics Bonded Center, factory of Suzhou Yimate (Italy) Machinery Co., Ltd., PLA General Station of Satellite Positioning, Qingdao Beer Museum, Henan Yinxu Museum, Henan TV Station Stuidio, Henan Arts Center, Nanjing Tangshan Hotspring Water Park, Qingsha Ancient Town in Hangzhou Canal Scenic Belt, Beijing City Club, etc.

        The Company follows the principle of meticulous design, responsible construction, preventing pollution, building quality projects, people-oriented, safety first, compliance with the law and constant improvement. We conscientiously perform our contracts and honor our commitments as we operate our business in domestic and overseas markets, providing our customers with the best services in quality and customer satisfaction.


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