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China Gongmei Kaidi Import & Export Co., Ltd.
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        Jointly invested by China Gongmei (Group) Corporation and Hangzhou Kaidi Silk Co., Ltd. (now Zhejiang Intl’ Group), China Gongmei Kaidi Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a joint stock modern professional foreign trade company launched in business in June 2000 upon approval by the Ministry of Foreign Economy and Trade.

        China Gongmei (Group) Corporation was established in the 1970s and is one of the 166 major state-owned enterprises under direct administration by SASAC of the State Council, featuring balanced development in trading, industry and commerce as well as strong competitiveness and good financial performance in foreign trade. In 1999, the company was awarded Excellent Exporting Industrial and Trade Enterprise by State Economic and Trade Commission, ranking the 149th among Top 500 foreign trade companies and the 120th among Top 200 exporting companies. In 2000, the company ranked among 25 state-owned enterprises commended by the Ministry of Foreign Economy, Trade and Cooperation. Hangzhou Kaidi Silk Co., Ltd. specializes in silk trading as a major player in the field of silk weaving, printing & dyeing and apparel manufacturing and services and is engaged in technology, industry and trading. The cross-regional coorporation of the two enterprises has allowed them to leverage on each other’s advantages, integrate industrial production and trade and expand into a broader scope of business.

        The annual import and export revenue of China Gongmei Kaidi Import & Export Co., Ltd. is approximately 40 million USD. Main products for import and export include apparel, accessories, home textile, drawnwork products, arts & crafts, gifts, daily items, plastic products, suitcases, bags, footwear and headwear, sports goods, kitchen items, tableware, toys, animal by-products, jewelry, hardware, chemical products, machinery & electrical products, etc., which are exported to US, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Japan, Australia, Spain, Sweden, Hong Kong, Canada as well as various countries and regions in African, Southeast Asia, South America, Central and South Africa and Middle East.

        Apparel is our key product. Based on the economic prosperity and highly developed garment processing industry, we offer woven garments, knitwear and silk garments, etc., covering a comprehensive product portfolio of business suits, ladies’ fashion, leisure garments, children’s wear and jeans. We cooperate with over 100 garment and apparel factories, most of which are located in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces.

        Light industrial goods, arts and crafts, gifts, machinery and electrical products as well as hardware and tools also constitute a large share in our exported goods. Our products have been well acknowledged by consumers all around the world for their diversity, style, quality and competitive prices. 

        Acknowledged for our abundant experience and quality service in outbound trade, we adopt various flexible trading models that are internationally accepted, including proprietary trading, purchase and sale, agency, OEM as, establishment of procurement site for foreign businesses.

        Besides, we have shown strong competitiveness and good performance in set equipment export, overseas project contracting and overseas labor cooperation.

        Furthermore, in 2009, we have officially obtained the general sales agency right of Disney brand product series in Zhejiang Province (authorized by Zhejiang Lianfeng Stainless Steel Product Co., Ltd.). Disney is a globally renowned brand ranking the 7th in the world and possessing a large share in animation market inChina. Our Disney series mainly includes classical Disney images such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy Dog and Snow White Series, and our products include stainless steel tableware gift box, spoon, fork, knife, chopsticks and glass. With young and trendy as its brand positioning, Disney will continue to launch new products to attract the new generation of consumers and generate unlimited business opportunities.

        We serve the society with our excellent talents and quality services. We are earnest in extending our partnerships across the world.

                                                                            Legal Representative: Liu Yan

                                                                            General Manager: Li Feng

                                                                            Tel: 0086-571-85463328

                                                                            Fax: 0086-571-85463329

                                                                            Email :

                                                                            Company Address: Floor 20, Ganghang Plaza, No. 108 Zhonghe North Road, Hangzhou



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